So you want to know who this insane, scatter-brained, not-really-witty-but-wants-to-be blogger is? I guess that’s why you clicked on the “About” page. Right.

So, me. I’m a junior in college. I am a socially awkward human being who lives in the States. Muslim. Female. Indian and proud. I created this blog as a personal diary when I was experiencing a very high emotional high. But since coming down that high, I’ve realized that I want to use this space to just dump out the contents of my flooded brain. I just get all kinds of thoughts all at once, so much so that I often skip over words when I write. (I apologize for that in advance.) Like, I wonder what’s for dinner tonight and this song I’m listening to is just so beautiful I think I’ll cry and my gosh my phone needs to be charged and dear Lord am I hungry.

What was I saying again?


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