Day 1

So, I’ve been meaning to start up a diary for a really long time. And every time I start, I end up dropping it because writing with your hand with a pencil for a long time is difficult and my hand cramps. 

This blog here will serve as my diary (read: ramblings) for the summer, or at least the summer that I’m away from home. I just really want to remember this summer and what I learned and the experiences I have. 

Today was the first day of class. I had breakfast with the fam (a giant waffle with yummy toppings) and then they dropped me off at Fawakih. They drove off to my uncle’s home. First time away from home. Can’t say I miss them yet but I think homesickness will set in soon. 

Session began late, around 10:15. Studied the first four forms of Arabic verbs with Ustadh Hisham. It went by really fast and it was a ton of information. I don’t knwo any vocabulary but when he showed us the Qur’anic verses and how so many things are implied because of the form of the verb, I could really see the beauty of the Arabic language. Despite the fact that we can read English translations, it will never be able to fully cover the true translation. Anyways, then we took a break for lunch. Headed to Charcoal Kabob with Sana (same age as me) and some other chicas. It was ok. Can’t say my sandwich was amazing or anything. Prayed Zuhr at the Fawakih Mosque (more like a musallah area, but at least there’s some progress). 

Then it was time for session two, which also began a few minutes late. We went over the remaining 8 forms of Arabic verbs. The last hour was really hard to focus because there is just so much to take in. Then we headed home for some rest. 

Watched some TV and then took a long nap. My two roomies went grocery shopping while I watched some more TV. When they got back and they were taking the groceries up to the room, they accidentally got locked out. So, I ran down to open the door, but I forgot to prop open the door to the room or grab the room key. So we had to walk all the way to the lobby and get another key. (We saw this security guard who had keys but of course, he didn’t help us.)

Anyways, so then we put all the groceries away and then we headed out to get some frozen custard. I got cookies and cream cake batter in an oreo dipped waffle cone. YUM. It was delish. Better than ice cream. It was a lot more creamy. So, that was my dinner. Woo, dessert for dinner. Lovin’ all this freedom. 

I can’t wait for Tafsir class tomorrow. Really excited for it. I’m looking forward to the month and then Ramadan. I know it’s late but I did have a long nap. 🙂